Blogroll: Recommended Blogs

I read other blogs, as any blogger should. Here is a list of some blogs I follow and would recommend to others interested in branding, social media, new Internet business, and developments in digital mass media. These blogs are all current and are updated at least somewhat frequently.

Douglas Rushkoff: Media theorist, author, and CNN writer Douglas Rushkoff analyzes current events and issues related to digital media and news.

Gizmodo: Gawker Media’s technology blog includes coverage of popular digital media platforms, especially mobile devices.

Kickstarter Blog: The official blog of Kickstarter posts news updates about the site and its success stories and responds to controversies surrounding its projects and creators.

Nieman Journalism Lab: As part of Harvard’s Nieman Foundation, this blog covers the latest stories and issues in online journalism and blogging.

PBS MediaShift: PBS bloggers explore the current and developing landscape of digital media, with particular attention to journalism, publishing and education.

Spin Sucks: Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Chicago-based IMC firm Arment Dietrich, discusses trends in strategic communications and gives advice on brand development. Her posts frequently involve social media.

Spinnakr Blog: Internet advertising company Spinnakr operates a blog about digital marketing with a focus on data.

The Buzz Bin: A variety of writers analyze current advertising, PR, and marketing communications, from campaigns to crisis communication.

The Future Buzz: Adam Singer of Google Analytics writes about PR in the social media world and monetizing new media platforms.

Wired Business: Bloggers from Wired magazine discuss the hits and misses of technology-oriented business, covering major players in online commerce and up-and-coming companies.


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